Worldwide more people consume more dairy products from dairy goats than any other species. In the United States the dairy goat is experiencing a new renaissance in popularity for milk, gourmet cheeses, probiotics like yogurt and kefir and even the Washington Post printed an article on America’s growing interest in dairy goat farming. Because of their small size and loving personalities they are a favorite 4-H and youth project, as well as being popular as backyard pets and a home supply of fresh, wholesome milk. United Caprine News has been dedicated to being a leader in providing up-to-date, meaningful information on their care, management, health and welfare since 1976.

Whether a large commercial operation, a show herd, a youth project or a backyard milk source, all dairy goats need the best of care, careful management and knowledgeable caretakers in order to flourish. Our aim is to provide that information on a monthly basis, and, as the ONLY periodical dedicated 100% to dairy goats you will get the kind of news and information that pertains especially to you.

Jeff Klein, publisher and editor of United Caprine News, has been involved with dairy goats since 1968 when he started a 4-H project with a Nubian doe kid. Still active as a breeder and owner of dairy goats, as a licensed American Dairy Goat Association judge for over 40 years and as a member of national dairy goat organizations and committees, he strives to bring the UCN readership factual, realistic and informative articles that will benefit the dairy goat owner and his/her animals.


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