Prepaid Rate: $10.00 per column inch
Billed Rate: $11:00 per column inch

Discounted "biggie" ads (prepaid):
     Full page (44 column inches): $275.00
     1/2 page (22 column inches): $175.00
     1/4 page (11 column inches): $90.00

Discounts: A 15% discount applies to all regular display advertising run six (6) consecutive months or more. Does not apply to "biggie" ads. Copy can be changed as often as desired at no additional charge.

Color: Color ads are available by reservation at an additional $75.00 per insert.


40¢ per word,
minimum $8.00 charge per insert.


Commission and Cash Discount: All rates are non-commissionable. No cash discount other than for the prepaid display rates listed above.

General Requirements: Printing process - web offset. Page size: 11.5" x 12". Image size: 9.75" x 11". Column width: 1-column 2.25": 2-columns 4.75", 3-column 7.25", 4-column - 9.75".


United Caprine News is published monthly (12 issues per year). Closing date for all advertising is the 5th of the month preceding publication date (January 5 for February issue, etc.). Advertising received after closing date will automatically be placed in the next issue unless specified. Publisher reserves the right to accept, cancel or reject any advertisement for any reason at any time.


Full page..............................9.75" x 11"

1/2 page (horizontal).........9.75" x 5.5"

1/2 page (vertical)..............4.75" x 11"

1/4 page...............................4.75" x 5.5"

1/8 page...............................4.75" x 3"

For quotes on other size ads please contact the office at 817-297-3411.


To establish a credit line, all display advertisers must prepay the first ad placed with us. Advertisers billed at the contract rate who fail to fulfill such contract will be short-rated. Payment via money order, check, Visa or Mastercard is acceptable.


United Caprine News is published monthly. Available by subscription for $22.50 per year. Approximate number of copies distributed: 5000. Distribution is international.

Send all production material to:

United Caprine News
P.O. Box 328
Crowley, Texas 76036

Phone: 817-297-3411
Fax: 817-297-4101

Editor: Jeff Klein
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P.O. Box 328
Crowley, Texas 76036

Phone: 817-297-3411

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