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American Dairy Goat Association: http://adga.org
American Goat Society: http://americangoatsociety.com
NLPA Sheep and Goat Fund: www.nlpa.org/html/sg_links.shtml

Breed Clubs:

Alpines International: www.alpinesinternationalclub.com
American LaMancha Club: www.lamanchas.org
International Nubian Breeders Association: www.i-n-b-a.org
National Saanen Breeders Association: www.nationalsaanenbreeders.com
National Toggenburg Club: www.nationaltoggclub.org
Oberhasli Breeders of America: www.oberhasli.net
International Sable Breeders Association: www.sabledairygoats.com
American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association: www.andda.org

Guernsey Breeders of America: www.guernseygoats.org
South CenTral Texas Goat Club www.sctxgoatclub.org

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Khimaira-GreenEarthHost: http://khimaira.com
WebNanny Designs: http://webnanny.net

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