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January 2016 Issue:

Tempo Aquila Living FreeCover: Tempo Aquila Living Free is the first dairy goat to appraise with a final score of 95. Read all about her pedigree and history in the January issue of United Caprine News.

Also in this issue: Viruses and Bacteria - Treatment is not the Same; Dairy Slang “Down Under”; Bucks need special care, too; Factors affecting milk yield and composition in dairy goats; Sulfur in goat diets; Sunflower seeds in goat diet have the potential to prevent enterotoxemia; Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery acquired by farmer-owned Swiss dairy make Emmi; In memory of Allan Rogers - Past ADGA president, director emeritus and Mary Farley Award recipient; Historical review - Hurricane Acres and Alice Tracy; Building plans - a shed made from pallets; Kansas State researchers study inflammation to improve milk production; Beet pulp is a tasty, high energy way to promote heat production in winter goat diets; Recipe - Goat cheese mashed potatoes.

February 2016 Issue:

February 2016 cover photoCH Willow-Lane Dreamin is the cover girl for our annual Saanen feature edition. If you’re a Saanen breeder or thinking about adding them to your herd you’ll be sorry if you missed this issue. Included is a feature on the Willow Lane herd; USDA Elite Saanen Sire list; NSBA one-day test results; “The Dowager Empress of Sartyr Saanens”; NSBA Total Performer award winners; NSBA All-American Selections; “The Forgotten Saanens”; genetic selection for alpha S1 Casein in a Saanen herd; a look back at that Echo Saanen Herd; ADGA Saanen Top Ten production lists; and, of course, lots of ads from Saanen breeders across the U.S. for your shopping pleasure!

Also in the February issue: First LaManchas born in Australia from U.S. embryos and semen; how to build your own cheese press; making farmhouse cheddar cheese; ADGA updates; nutrition’s role in reproductive losses; calcium and phosphorus requirements for dairy goats; kidding and weaning management; helpful hints on goat care and more!

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