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January 2014 Issue:

In this issue: Land O'Lakes launches colostrum replacement for kid goats; Diminishing the Bad Rap - A Judging Trip To Mexico; ADGA Update; Feeds and nutrition of dairy goats; Raising dairy goat kids; Barn fire kills 900 goats in Canada; National Animal Germplasm Program accepting donations; When it shows - Make ice cream!; Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Association; Why are dairy goats skinny?; California passes $5000 fine for livestock theft; Winter treats for goats; January "to do" list; annual Sales List feature.

February 2014 Issue:

UCN February 2014 CoverAraby Farm of New Jersey presents Araby-Farm MCDD Heather EX90 on this month's cover of our annual Saanen feature edition. Read more about the Araby Farm Saanens in this issue. Other interesting articles include: Purdue Goat Club generates a buzz; NSBA One-Day Test recognition; Letter To The Editor; ADGA Update; Saanen doe rises from tragedy; NSBA All-American Selections; ADGA Top Ten Saanen production records; Saanen Breed Standard; Drake Family Farm Saanens; Building a disbudding/tattooing box; Oregon goat cheese take international prize; Dealing with ketosis in goats; USDA-DHIA Elite Saanen Sires; Looking Back - The Leaches switch allegiance to AMGRA; Saanen Club holding benefit auction; Managing internal parasitism in sheep and goats. Shopping for Saanens - be sure to check out all the Saanen advertising in this issue!

March 2014 Issue:

Cover UCN March 2014 Togg issueToggenburgs are the featured breed in the March issue of United Caprine News. Included in this edition: Milk urea nitrogen study; ADGA updates; UC Davis Goat Program celebrates 100 years; 2014 Toggenburg Specialty Show sites; Kiddings and difficult births (dystocias); The Epic of Sobey and Sol; Build your own grain and mineral feeders, Alpha s1-Casein testng; Managing kiddings; 2013 ADGA National Show Toggenburg winners album; Use of splints in kids for mild to moderate contracted tendons; This country has America beat when it comes to handling raw milk; CAE - a disease that developed countries give to the goats of under-developed countries; Added methionine may help animals in transition; Coming events; Helpful hints, CAE prevention; and more!

April 2014 Issue:

UCN April 2-14 CoverApril is our annual Nubian feature - lots of Nubian advertising, All-American results, National Show winners' pictures, Top Ten production records and more. Also in this issue: New dairy goat resource website available; New microbial products available for goats; The Minnesota Goat Ladies; East kid ID collars; ADGA Update; Coming events; U.S. dairy goat inventory declined in 2013; Looking Back: Life in North Prairie; UC-Davis ranks top in world for agriculture; ADGA Judges TC set for June; The goat man of Big Sandy, Texas; Herd health program for dairy goats.

June 2014 Issue:

Featured articles this month include Interest in Guernsey Goats is Growing; Ocal Farm and Food Grants and Loans Available; From 4-H to National Champion to Veterinarian; American LaMancha Club Awards; ADGA Annual Meeting is Set for Maine; The Most Famous Goat in France; LaMancha Top Ten Records; Heat Stress in Goats and Sheep; Genetics for the Future; 2013 ADGA National Show LaMancha Winners; Cost of raising Kids Continues to Climb; History of Chocolate Milk; Chevre!; LaMancha All-American Awards.

July 2014 Issue:

July 2014 UCN CoverOur annual Oberhasli feature includes picture album of last year's national show winners, Top Ten production awards, and features on the youth essay contest winners. Also in this issue - Five Health Benefits of Goat Cheese; ADGA Update; FDA Ban on Wooden Shelves for Aging Cheese Causes an Uproar; Kentucky Memories; Integrated management of Flies; Summer Brings Flies ... A Constant Challenge on the Farm; Seven Herbs That Deter Flies; Fly Control for Organic Dairies; Cow Versus Goat Milk.

August 2014 Issue:

It's all about bucks and the breeding season in our annual Buck Feature. Read about goat reproductive physiology, mating and the spread of CAE, why your bucks do that weird thing with their lips (the Flehmen response), breeding soundness examinations of bucks, Artificial insemination, ulcerative posthitiitis (pizzle rot), bucks and breeding, sire selection for genetic improvement, CIDR implant protocol, and why your buck's semen doesn't freeze well. Also in this issue: a look back in history as Stephen Considine writes about the famed Buckeye Herd of Ohio, goat milk powder highlighted in Chinese dairy consumption, artisan cheese start-ups face six-digit cost, MDC takes up fight against barber pole worms, will FDA changes in drug labeling affect dairy, and a photo album of candid shots at the ADGA National Show in Louisville.

September 2014 Issue:
The September issue of UCN includes the official catalog of the industry's premier dairy goat auction - the ADGA Spotlight Sale, being held this year in Portland, Maine. Besides the complete pedigrees for the 16 consignments you will find advertising for most of the animals complete with pictures and other information ... a dairy goat breeder's dream! Also in this issue: Historical look back at Don N. Allen of the Empire State Herd, Inbreeding and its affects on milk production in dairy goats, North American International Livestock Expo dairy goat show set for November 7-9, FarmTek announces fall CEA school, ADGA Convention programming to feature artisan cheesemaker and author Gianaclis Caldwell, waging war in the udder - the battle against mastitis, and more.
November 2014 Issue:

Breeding By The Numbers (using PTA’s and genetic data); Make Greek-style yogurt at home; A look at the importance of correct feet and legs; Looking Back - Helen Hunt of Shagbark Toggenburg fame; 2014 ADGA National Show album of championship winners; nutritional causes of reproductive losses; What to look for when buying hay; Soaring goat population affecting China’s natural resources; ADGA Update; American Cheese Society competition results.

December 2014 Issue:

Kidding time - knowing when to assist and when to call for help; Feeding the pregnant doe; Looking Back - Helen Hunt (part 2); Glove up for milking time; Alpine buck tops ADGA Spotlight Sale - sells for $5800; ADGA Update; Goodies for the holidays - cranberry goat cheese canapés, old-fashioned goat milk fudge, roasted beet with organic vinaigrette and chèvre, pumpkin pie fudge; The Christmas Stranger; Housing your goats, newly designed FodderPro for hydroponic crops.

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