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January 2012 Issue:

UCN January 2012 CoverAnne Petersen (consignor) and Kathy Sullivan (buyer) with the high-selling consignment at the 2011 ADGA Spotlight Sale held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Nigerian Dwarf buck, *B Rosasharn SH Epic, sold for $870.00.

In this issue: Feeding and Nutrition of Dairy Goats; Drying-Off Lactating Livestock; Early Goat Women of California; Special Herd is Basis of Portland Creamery; January - Time to Make Some Resolutions; Pallets are Good For Making Economical Hay Feeders; A New Chapter for Alpines International; Emergency Colostrum Recipe; Common Medical Problems of Goats; Questions to Ask Before Buying; Making Yogurt at Home; Custom goat feed formula; Removing iodine from clothes; plus monthly features - Ask Dr. Rutabaga; The Kidding Pen; ADGA Update.

February 2012 Issue:

UCN February 2012 Cover: Willow Lane SaanensThe February Saanen feature includes our front-page write-up on the Willow Lane Saanens; picture album of all the class winners at the ADGA National Show; Spinning Spider Dairy feature; NSBA award winners for production and linear appraisal; NSBA All-American selections; and an historical look at the Honey Valley herd of Norma Shippy.

Also in this issue: CAE prevention guidelines; CAE prevention and management; ADGA Update; new show rules for 2012; Cottonseed in your goat ration could be dangerous to guardian dogs; Memorial to Karen Senn, Kastdemur's Dairy Goats; Humane castrator for newborn livestock is introduced; 2012 National Goat Expo is set for October; Health care basics; Raw milk advocates say federal crackdown is unfair; Thoughts on goat-keeping; Coming Events; Don't forget to tend to the navels of newborn kids; Disbudding - get it done right; Ask Dr. Rutabaga question and answer column.

March 2012 Issue:

United Caprine News March 2012 issue coverOur annual Toggenburg feature includes articles on Toggenburg breeders, Top Ten production records, All-American results, National Show winner pictures, and more.

In this issue: LaMancha delivers quintuplet doe kids; Rare CAEV mutation isolated from mammary system of Toggenburg doe; New animal virus takes northern Europe by surprise; Coming Events; ADGA Update; A tribute to Sun-Kissed Toggs; Fat from dairy may help, not harm; A Norska goat primer; In memory of Diane Kirsch; 2011 NTC All-American selections; Dr. Rutabaga question and answer column; Is she or isn't she ready to kid; Successful kid management a key to improvement; new champions; and more!

April 2012 Issue:

UCN April 2012 cover: Cooper Miller-Ross & quintupletsCover: Favorites the world over - These quintuplet kids (4 does, 1 buck) enjoy some time in the sun with their young herdsman, Cooper Miller-Ross from Uki, New South Wales.

Nubians are the featured breed in our April issue. Read about: Cephalosporins get stricter extra-label requirements; Grant Colfax named Director of the Office of National Aids Policy by President Obama; ADGA Updates; Coming Events; Nubian Merit and Awards Program winners; Donations sought for goat documentary; Virginia State Fair could join list of defunct shows; 2012 World Cheese Contest winners; Looking Back - goats for Dr. Schweitzer; Ask Dr. Rutabaga question and answer column; Milk is a "brain food"; Colorado breeders busy planning for National Show; Top ten states for alfalfa harvest; 2011 National Show Nubian class winners album; New book on goat dairying available; Q Fever working group update; Antibiotics - Abuse them and lose them; Dealing with ketosis; In-depth look at CAEV; Troubleshooting films and deposits on milking equipment; Dairy goat breeders directory and classified ads.

May 2012 Issue:

UCN May 2012 cover photoAlpine Feature edition: A visit with Redwood Hills Farm Alpines; 2012 ADGA National Show schedule; "Ask Dr. Rutabaga" question and answer column; 2011 All-American Alpine selections; "Yes Pixie, there are still miracles"; Coming Events calendar; Linear trait means for each breed; 2011 ADGA National Show Alpine class winners album; Typical behavior patterns in goats; Looking back - Frank Ecker of Sunset Alpines; Six easy steps to cleaning kid feeding equipment; ADGA Alpine Top Ten production records; Floppy kid syndrome; and lots more!

June 2012 Issue:

UCN June 2012 issue coverJune  is our LaMancha Feature issue: Learning more about selenium's role in livestock nutrition; CAE prevention guidelines; LaMancha Top Ten production records; Goatkeeping 101; Coming Events; Reflections on the past; ALC production awards; Mycoplasma - a disease we all need to be aware of; Forage type and maturity affect milk production and performance; 2011 ADGA National Show LaMancha class winners; Make your own Lam-Bar; More on selenium - friend or foe?; Treating and preventing CL; 2011 ALC All-American selections; Tattoos that last; Fresh chevre - an easy way to use summer milk; and more!

July 2012 Issue:

Annual Oberhasli Feature issue. Also in this issue: Coping with sore mouth; Make some "hot weather" cheese; Happy goats need happy feet; Historical look early goat activity in Colorado; Testing herds for CAEV infections; Coming events; 2011 National Show Oberhasli class winners; An ethical dilemma; Oberhasli Goat Club holds event in Virginia; Reports on raw milk danger is skewed; Zinc and iodine deficiencies in goats; Home remedy blood stopper; Treating ringworm; Nutritional management for production and efficiency; Pillow cases for show covers; Goat meat marinade; East Coast Oberhasli specialty; Canadian goat classification now handled by Holstein.

August 2012 Issue:

UCN August 2012 Annual Buck and Breeding IssueAnnual Buck and Breeding Issue: 15 animals tapped for 2012 ADGA Spotlight Sale; Thoughts on buck selection; Proper diet important for preventing urinary calculi in bucks; Minimizing risks of offering bucks for outside service; Why offer a buck for service; CAE prevention guidelines; Artificial insemination of dairy goats; Have you heard (bits and pieces of interest); Honing in on organic mineral feeding; New Australian milk record set; Ask Dr. Rutabaga question and answer column; Chikaming Farm and the Sandburg involvement in dairy goats (part 1); Names of cheeses could be protected if EU plan plays out; Vitamin D as a mastitis remedy; African pottery shows evidence of ancient dairy farming; 2012 ADGA National Show championship winners album; Infertility in the doe can have many causes; National Show ringside photo.

September 2012 Issue:

UCN September 2012 coverThe annual American Dairy Goat Association Spotlight Sale catalog is included in this month's edition. Check out the pedigrees and records behind the 15 consignments to this year's event being held in Boise, Idaho in October!

In this issue: Memorials for Vivian Proctor and Lorraine Kryle; Part two on the Sandburg Chikaming herd; Cephalosporin ban begins; USDA grant applications being accepted; Wisconsin dairy goat industry drooping as drought lingers; September "to do" list; Aspects of dairy goat mastitis; ADGA updates; Thoughts on a herd health program; Dr. Rutabaga question and answer column; The Colonial goat; 2012 American Cheese Society competition results; Florida's first certified dairy is a winner; Inspect nitrogen tanks for leaks; Pumpkin goat milk fudge recipe; and more.

October 2012 Issue:

UCN October 2012 cover: GCH/ARMCH Agape Oaks Oreo 5*D 2*MPictured on the cover is GCH/ARMCH Agape Oaks Oreo 5*D 2*M, ANDDA Total Performer.

October is our annual Nigerian Dwarf feature edition, check out the ads and articles about these amazing miniature dairy goats! In this issue: Dairy goats south of the border (part 1 of 3); In memory of Fern Acton, des Ruhigestelle Saanens; ADGA Top Ten production records; Do we have enough judges?; One farmer's feed is another's weed; Pasteurized milk and gut bacteria; American Cheese Society competition; Holstein Association changes linear breakdown; Milk replacer: ask before you buy; 2012 ADGA National Show Nigerian Dwarf class winners photo album; Breeding better dairy goats; Feeding and managing the dry doe.

November 2012 Issue:

United Caprine News November 2012 Issue CoverOur November issue is full of useful info on goatkeeping:  Understanding the goat's mammary system; Five ways to use pumpkins; "Return to the Farm" classes offered to keep young people on the farm; Breeding soundness exams for bucks; Recipes - Kale and goat cheese mashed potatoes, Penne with goat cheese, kale and turkey; Trees and shrubs can cut feeding costs for goat owners; Goatkeeping south of the border (part 2 of 3); Kid number affects milk production; Goat milk and Pope Pius IX; Rodent control is a year round job; Injection techniques and more!

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December 2012 Issue:

*B Sartyr Eclipse Tyrone, 2012 Spotlight Buck on UCN December 2012 coverIn this issue: In Search of Christmas; A Christmas Poem; The biology of milk secretion in the goat; In search of dairy character; Part 3 or 3 on goats south of the border; Caring for the C-section doe; Selective breeding could prevent lameness, boost productivity; Animal health group and Gates Foundation set up Goat Plague vaccine bank; Knowing the behavior patterns of goats; 2012 ADGA Spotlight Sale results; Culling decisions; Twas the Night Before Kidding; Starting kids off right; ADGA Convention award recipients; plus our regular columns and features.

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