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January 2006 Issue:
CH Cisco Mango Chard - 2005 ADGA National ChampionOn the cover: CH Cisco Mango Chard FS93, the 2005 ADGA National champion Saanen owned and bred by Greg and Nan Wojcik of California. Read about the Wojciks' adventure in breeding Saanens which began with the purchase of a crossbred doe and eventually culminated in last year's National Show wins. Saanen lovers will be in heaven next month when United Caprine News begins its series of breed features with Saanens.

Also in the January issue: Dealing with ringworm; all about ophthamology of the goat; extra-label use of sulfonamides prohibited; primer on livestock guardian dogs; 2005 Sable All-American selections; new semen marketing business formed by two goat-raising friends; Christen Adels shares experiences as an ADGA judge; storing and disposing of veterinary wastes; proper diets important in preventing urinary calculi; ADGA to initiate new wether recordation program; 2005 California State Fair Boer goat champions; Pennysvania DGA milk awards; lots of recipes and useful tidbits on raising goats and keeping them happy!

February 2006 Issue:
GCH Willow Lane Arlene 5*MGCH Willow Lane Arlene 5*M was Best In Show and the 2005 Utah State Fair. Read about Arlene and her herdmates at Willow Lane, and how artificial insemination is credited with the success of the Willow Lane breeding program, in this month's Saanen focus.

In this issue: Vaccinations important for herd health; ventilation and winter housing; Royal Colors Saanens; King Farm Saanens; Maple Oak Farm Saanens; Saanen production awards; Saanen USDA elite sires; What's So Special About Saanens?; All-American Saanen selections; donkeys for herd guardians; ADGA updates and promotional committee contests; the "5C's" for healthier kids; National ID System premise registration contacts for each state; easy-to-make kid coats; and an assortment of tidbits including recipes, pictures of new champions, health and management tips, breeders listings, classified ads and more.

March 2006 Issue:

GCH Krystal Kreek Wrevenge AmeliaGCH Krystal Kreek Wrevenge Amelia owned by Cherry Glen Farm, Boyds, Maryland is the cover girl for our annual Toggenburg feature edition. Amelia has proven to be an outstanding producer as well as a show doe - her daughter Ayla was the 2005 National Champion and Best Udder winner. Read about Amelia and her success story in this month's issue. Also featured in the Togg issue: Starlite Ridge Toggs, Top Ten producers, Elite sire list, NTC specialty shows for 2006.

This issue includes articles on: raising and showing market wethers, championship photos from the Fort Worth Boer goat show, Mountain States Meat Goat Association, California DHIA awards, sugar to prevent mastitis, forage quality, Oberhasli photo contest, goat milk pricing strategies, use and misuse of vaccines, prostaglandins can affect humans, Montgomery Park Saanens, more on the NAIS controversy, plus our usual assortment of tips, updates, coming events and recipes.

April 2006 Issue:
Andre Harvey statuary at University of DelawareOur annual Nubian feature includes feature stories on the Longman's and Jacob's Pride herds; Top Ten placings for milk production; INBA All-American selections; Nubian G-6-S genetic defect testing; "Elite" Nubian sire list; and, of course, lots of Nubian pictures and advertising. The sculpture of two Nubian does shown here is by internationally known sculptor Andre Harvey, Rockland, DE and was donated to the University of Delaware by the Graham Foundation.

Also in this issue: Boer goat champions from the Fort Worth Stock Show; dealing with sore mouth; biosecurity website offered by Purdue; update on the ADGA national show in Indiana; judges and schedule for the ADGA national show; Kiko goat association to host KikoFest; fungus as an aid in worm control being studied; Moneymaker goats developed by Copelands; Bradley Farm focuses on Spanish meat goats; more on biosecurity for your farm; coming events calendar; and lots of fun stuff like a "Sire Development" crossword puzzle, interesting recipes for goat meat and milk, pictures of new champions, extensive breeders listings ....

May 2006 Issue:
GCH Brandt's Van Latte *MGCH Brandt's Van Latte *M was grand champion five times in 2005 including the prestigious California State Fair and the Los Angeles County Fair. Bred by Leslie Schaffer she is the result of a working partnership with Randy Hoach. Read about the Brandt's and Hoach's herds in this month's Alpine feature.

Also in this issue: Genetic link to infertility found in cattle; dealing with coccidiosis; 2005 All-American Alpine selections; Roeburn Alpines keeps it small but mighty; ADGA Top Ten Alpines; Qu'Appelle Alpines - Canadian impact; disease management guidelines for the goat herd; USDA "Elite" Alpine sire list; first three days dictate kid survival; fly control management strategies; meat goat potential for California farms; coming events for dairy and Boer goats; recipes; and a great resource of breeders' advertising.

June 2006 Issue:

GCH Kastdemur's Slice 2*MGCH Kastdemur's Slice 2*M EX92 was named the ADGA National Show grand champion LaMancha in 2005. Read about the Kastdemur's herd in this month's LaMancha feature.

Also in this issue: Marketing meat goats; What makes a meat goat; Kiko goat news; ADGA's future - a reader's thoughts; Feed the rumen, not the goat; Remembering Duffy Lewis; USDA "Elite" LaMancha sires; All-American LaMancha selections; 2006 Alpine specialty shows; ADGA news and Updates; Floppy Kid Syndrome; Part 2 of the Hoach's Brandt's herd history; LaMancha Top Ten records; Barbecued cabrito; Coming Events; and our usual assortment of departments, columns and tidbits.

July 2006 Issue:

Swind Plymouth, Golden Guernsey buckSwind Plymouth, a Golden Guernsey buck, is featured on our July cover. Owned by Suzanne Murray of Sarco Creek dairy goats in Junction City, Oregon, he is one of a very few Golden Guernsey goats in the United States. These animals are being used in "grading up" programs to produce American bred Guernsey goats. Read more about these animals in this issue.

Oberhasli Feature includes "Elite Sire list, All-American selections, updates on the Oberhasli Breeders of America youth programs and fund raising events, Udder View Oberhasli herd of Maine, showmanship with Oberhasli, OBA production awards and advertising from leading Oberhasli herds in the U.S.

Also in this issue: Dealing with heat stress; Haystack Mountain to produce artisanal chevres in Oklahoma; Never Done Ranch focuses on colored Boers; ADGA updates; Deborah's Farmstead introduces new cheese; Hoach's and Brandt's Alpine herd final in a series of three; Bacteria, viruses and protozoa; Understanding roughage in diets, Selecting hay; Enterotoxemia in kids and adult goats; Ingredients vs. nutrients; CAE prevention guidelines, extensive coming events calendar; and lots more!

Congratulations to the 2006 ADGA Spotlight Sale consignors: Alpines - Lady-K, Nodaway, Walnut Fork, Sweet Dreams Nixon's, Tempo Aquila. LaManchas - Kastdemur's, Barnowl, Tempo, Rockin CB, Elm Glen. Nigerian Dwarf - Buttin' Heads. Oberhasli - Tonka Tails, Udderly Crazy, Cream of Kansas. Saanen - Windsor Manor, Springfield Oaks, Pleasant Grove. Nubian - Lynnhaven. Sable - Klisse's. Toggenburg - Welbian Farms. The 2006 Spotlight Sale catalog will be included in the September issue of United Caprine News.

August 2006 Issue:
Nubian BuckOur annual Buck and Breeding issue is full of helpful information on keeping "the other half of the herd." In this issue: Urine scald; handling and maintaining bucks; ADGA Young Sire Development program; physiology and diseases of bucks; proper diets play role in urinary calculi; low fertility rates and diet; check nitrogen tanks; and more.

Also in this issue: La Farmite produces cheese in Arizona; CAE prevention guidelines; money makers for the goat keeper; keyhole feeder plans; 21 animals selected for Spotlight Sale; ADGA Convention updates and cheese competition; Johne's disease; "Goat Minds;" Treasure Valley club holds first show; tiny farm wants to change the world; Pinelane Oberhasli herd; The first 900 - AMGRA's Registration VOl. 1; coming events; breeders listings; advertising specials.

September 2006 Issue:
The 2006 American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) national show held in Indianapolis in July was the largest ever with over 2200 animals shown. The air-conditioned barn and show ring, combined with the hospitality of the host Indiana Dairy Goat Association made for a wonderful event. This month's issue of UCN recaps the results of the national show with pictures of every first place animal in all seven breeds. Take a look at some of the finest dairy goats in the country looking their very best right after winning at the world's premier dairy goat show!

This issue also includes the annual ADGA Spotlight Sale catalog featuring 20 consignments from some of the nation's leading herds. The Spotlight Sale will be held on Saturday, October 21 as the concluding event of the ADGA convention in Milwaukee. The catalog includes performance pedigrees on every consignment as well as advertising from the consigning herds. If you're in the market for top notch breeding and show stock - don't miss out on the 2006 Spotlight Sale.

October 2006 Issue:
Our annual Miniature goat feature includes the first ADGA Top Ten records of Nigerian  Dwarves, All-American Nigerian winners, and features on Nigerian Dwarf breeders. Also in the issue: Getting familiar with goat dentition; 2006 Colorama Sale results; health problems related to nutrition; fainting goat feature; ADGA convention news and updates; new meat breed being developed in Australia; electrolyte formula can save kids; calculating your hay requirements; ringworm; hernias have many causes; feed formulas; kid care and nutrition; portable stanchion plans; cheese press plans; recipes - peanut chevon curry and baked cabrito.

Take advantage of UCN's annual 12-month advertising plan packages and save 15% off the normal advertising rate! Details in the October issue. Offer ends December 5, 2006.

November 2006 Issue:
The November issue includes features on the Lucky Hook raw milk dairy; making preparations for winter; Sable Top Ten records; chlamydial abortions in goats; plans for building your own disbudding box; developing a barn compost market; handy gestation table to calculate due dates; preventing the spread of mastitis in your herd; possible causes of weight loss in goats; making PVC feeding troughs; how Sable genetics works; an origami goat folding pattern; lots of recipes including chevre brownies, chevon and potato pie and Moroccan goat stew. And of course, the largest breeder advertising and listing resource in the dairy goat industry.
December 2006 Issue:
This month's issue includes coverage of the American Dairy Goat Association convention held in Milwaukee - summary of Board actions, results of the Spotlight Sale and annual goat products competition, and pictures of award winners and top-selling animals. Also in this issue you can read about: Book review of "The Tale of Thunder Hill"; American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association events; hints on handling frozen semen; vaccine labels; All-American Toggenburg selection pictures; making coats for goats; kidding time basics; selling chevon; goats key to spread of farming; new champion photos; recipes; and plenty more!

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